Fantaskid Unboxing Experience

Even though traveling has been difficult these days, I'm fortunate enough to find Fantaskid, because this new brand provides lots of Korean-styled baby and kids products. No need to travel to Korea to buy original Korean clothes for my daughter! One can find kids attire, accessories, and many baby supplies in Fantaskid! It's just a real convenient for moms to shop (You don’t need to fly abroad, just move your fingers to buy designer Korean-styled products for your little angles, what a blessing!)

The founder of Fantaskid is a mummy who insists on quality. One of the purposes for creating the brand, “Fantaskid” is to provide other moms to buy good quality products at a reasonable price.

Every single product of the brand is personally selected by this mom. In addition to 100% original Korean-styled children’s clothing selections, there are also other designer selections (non-Korean). The variety of products allow every mom to choose according to her own needs and budget, and at the same time hoping mummy's little angels can dress adorably and comfortably! (Details of each product are clearly provided in its product descriptions.)

The commitment to quality is not only for her own child but for every fantastic kids, so rest assure moms, you can buy with confidence!

Now let’s take a detailed look at my actual Fantaskid unboxing experience. I promise to be frank on my comments! Haha


When I received the package, all the goods are well packed in this carton box, (The carton is not damaged at all, you can tell that it is well protected.) with a cute brand sticker on it.


When you flip open the box, you see a super cute thank you card with some brand info.

After seeing the card, I am eager to check out the rest of the goods!
(ps: The items that I bought are all original Korean made designer clothings.)

The first thing that catches my eyes is: macbebe's lace flower bib.


When I saw this on Fantaskid's Instagram, I placed my order immediately, and I am glad I did! This bib is prettier than my expectation.

This lace bib is really delicate, it's not the ordinary ones that you find elsewhere.

The backside of the bib is very baby-skin friendly, made of soft and comfy fabric. (I can’t wait to have my baby wear it.)

The value of this lace bib is off the chart. You can feel and see the quality. It's a must get accessory especially for photo shooting with your love ones. Haha

The second item is a pair of plaid pattern pocket pants

This is a pair of comfy pants, made of super soft flannel cloth. It can definitely provide warmth for winter wear. It is stylish and absolutely comfortable to wear.

There are pockets on the front and back of the trousers, and the stitching is also very neat!



The label also clearly marked Made in Korea, truly imported from Korea!

This trouser is available in red and blue. Since it is so comfy I have decided to also purchase one in blue. (This actually fulfills my desire to dress up my child!)


Last but not least, the next item is my favorite item from this purchase. The Monbebe’s little lamb vest.

Simply two words for this vest: Cute and trendy! A good piece to do a mom-and-daughter style!

This is a truly a designer vest! A stylish and a comfy piece to wear when the weather is not too cold. Its unisex style gives that fashion look with a cute touch for all kids.

The two pockets are also full of furs!

The vest is quite thick in turns of thickness, which I am sure can keep you warm and comfy.

This vest is also made in Korea. Made with 100% polyester.



To conclude my unboxing experience, I would say I am very satisfied with my purchase. Each item is reasonably priced yet the overall quality is excellent, totally exceeded my expectation.

As children out grow their clothes so quickly, finding a good balance between the price and quality is important to ensure we provide quality clothes for our kids without spending a fortune. So I truly think Fantaskid is the brand that offers that balance. It is awesome to shop at Fantaskid!