The story of KAPLA® is one of a Dutch antique dealer who dreamed of building his own castle.

During a trip of the south of France in the late 1960s, Tom van der Bruggen fell under the charm of a neglected farm and decided to turn it into a castle.

To visualise his project, he tried to make a scale model using wooden cubes. However, the cubes were too bulky to make a precise and realistic model, so he decided to create his own construction pieces.

And that’s how KAPLA® was born: the magic plank that can build anything!

After finishing his castle, Tom set out on a new adventure and decided to share his little wooden plank with builders worldwide. Tom called it KAPLA® from the phrase ‘KAbouter PLAnkje’, which means ‘gnome plank’ in Dutch.

34 products Found in KAPLA

KAPLA Seasons - The Autumn Box (200片)
  • NT$3,850
KAPLA Seasons - The Summer Box (200片)
  • NT$3,850
KAPLA Seasons - The Spring Box (200片)
  • NT$3,850
KAPLA Seasons - The Winter Box (200片)
  • NT$3,850
KAPLA 200 Box
  • NT$3,300
KAPLA Box 120 - Dark Blue, Pink & Red
  • NT$2,590
KAPLA Box 120 - Light Blue, Yellow & Green
  • NT$2,590
  • NT$1,650
KAPLA Cube (36片)
  • NT$1,650
KAPLA Challenge
  • NT$950
KAPLA Eiffel Tower Box
  • NT$2,200
KAPLA 100 Case
  • NT$2,200
KAPLA Black and White Case (100片)
  • NT$3,200
KAPLA Octocolour Case (100片8色組合)
  • NT$3,200
KAPLA Book and Colours (Green & Yellow)
  • NT$1,800
KAPLA Book and Colours (Orange & Red)
  • NT$1,800
KAPLA Book and Colours (共80片2本書)
  • NT$3,580
KAPLA Book and Colours (Dark & Light Blue)
  • NT$1,800
KAPLA 原木色+8色 200片積木套裝組
  • NT$5,390
KAPLA Book and Colours (All 3 Color Sets)
  • NT$5,280
KAPLA 原木色+4色套裝組 (共180片2本書)
  • NT$5,720
KAPLA 280 Chest - Established Builders Ages 9+
  • NT$6,200
KAPLA 280 Chest - Animals for Ages 3+
  • NT$6,200
KAPLA 280 Chest - Architecture and Structures for Ages 3+
  • NT$6,200
KAPLA 280 Chest - Budding Builders for Ages 6+
  • NT$6,200
KAPLA 1000 Pack
  • NT$17,500
TomTecT 190
  • NT$2,600
TomTecT 420
  • NT$4,200
TomTecT 500
  • NT$4,390
TomTecT 1000
  • NT$8,250
KAPLA Art-Book 高階藍本 (Established Builders - for ages 8+)
  • NT$990
KAPLA Art-Book 中階紅本 (Budding Builders - for ages 6+)
  • NT$990